What You Need to Know About the Venus Freeze Treatment


What You Need to Know About the Venus Freeze Treatment

Medspa services are making it easier than ever to have the slim, taut physique you want. Without an incision or needle injection, you can enjoy brighter skin and a thinner body with microdermabrasion, CoolSculpting, and Ultherapy in St. Louis. Now Venus Freeze can also help you achieve a healthier and more youthful look with just a few med spa treatments.

Candidates for the Venus Freeze Treatment

The growing popularity of Venus Freeze stems in part from the many types of clients that it can help. This innovative, noninvasive procedure can tighten skin on the face and lessen the look of common problem areas on the body. So if you are noticing loose skin around your chin and neck, or if you want to slim your midsection, Venus Freeze might be the right treatment for you. A consultation with a med spa specialist can help you learn more about the many problems that Venus Freeze can address.

Venus Freeze Process

Though the procedure is called Venus Freeze, many recipients who undergo this treatment feel a comforting warm sensation during their med spa sessions. This warmth results from the use of magnetic fields and radio frequencies that pass through the upper layer of skin to the deeper tissues where collagen resides. These energies prompt the development of new collagen, which continues in the weeks following treatment. During the procedure, recipients are awake and comfortable. In many cases, those who receive Venus Freeze can finish up their med spa sessions in less than 60 minutes.

Benefits Venus Freeze Treatment

Diet and exercise can help to regulate weight and foster overall physical wellbeing, but the aging process often makes it difficult for healthy lifestyle habits alone to maintain a slim physique. As a result, the skin gets looser and the body retains fatty deposits even when the best efforts are taken to achieve a healthier figure. However, Venus Freeze can help frustrated individuals get the look they want without painful plastic surgery. This convenient procedure also makes it possible for recipients to enhance their appearance without submitting to weeks of surgical recovery.