Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

For more than 17 years, Eternity Medical Spa has provided the St. Louis Metropolitan area residents with outstanding skin treatments and products. We offer many different types of medical spa services, including laser treatments. Our highly-trained skin care specialists understand that every person’s skin is different, which is why we create individual skin treatments for each client.

Laser Treatments

Eternity Medical Spa offers clients various types of laser treatments, including:

Cutera Xeo

We use the Cutera Xeo laser machine for our laser skin care treatments. This laser is very effective and award-winning and can be used for a variety of applications, including hair removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, reversing sun damage and vascular therapy.

Laser Vein Treatment

If you suffer from mild spider veins, there are laser vein treatment options that can dramatically reduce or remove said veins*. To find out if you may benefit from this type of laser vein treatment, visit us!


The Titan laser treatment can help patients achieve youthful, tighter, and healthier-looking skin*. It targets and stimulates the collagen production below the top layer of skin, which encourages it to multiply and create firmer skin. Unlike other treatments that require constant upkeep, the Titan laser treatment has improved results over time, since the collagen continues to grow.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis uses non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely, and effectively treat wrinkles, minimize redness, manage large pores, repair uneven skin texture, and reduce the appearance of scars. It is a quick and painless treatment that does not require any downtime.

Limelight IPL

This is ideal for treating brown spots, freckles, red spots, and uneven skin pigments. This treatment uses light to correct your skin’s pigment to reduce discoloration and establish even skin*.

Cool Glide Laser Hair Removal

This system can be used for men and women with all skin types and tones. If you have unwanted or unsightly body hair, you do not have to undergo painful waxing, razors, or electrolysis! Book a laser hair removal session with our advanced-trained nurses at our med spa in Creve Coeur, the greater St. Louis area.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is the NEW, revolutionary non-invasive treatment that utilizes both Radio Frequency, Magnetic Pulses and VariPulse technology. Venus Legacy can help with Cellulite Reduction, Body Sculpting, Wrinkle Reduction, Skin Tightening and Stretch Mark Reduction for the Face, Neck & Body. It is non-invasive and completely painless-many patients say it feels like a hot-stone massage. Learn More..

Venus Viva™

Venus Viva is a non-surgical anti-aging solution that we use for skin resurfacing that corrects signs of skin damage and improves the appearance of acne scars and other scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

Rejuvapen Microneedling

This can treat fine lines, acne scars, and improve the skin’s complete appearance. This procedure uses tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin to produce collagen and elastin. When the skin heals, it results in a thicker dermis, which makes wrinkles appear softer.

*Individual results may vary

Receive Laser Treatments at Eternity Medical Spa

Eternity Medical Spa is result driven, and we strive to help each and every person who comes through the door. We are an Allergan Platinum Partner and have helped Saint Louis metropolitan area, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, Manchester and South County residents resolve their skin-related issues for nearly a decade. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skin care professionals, please contact us at 314-464-2868.

*Individual results may vary

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