What is CoolSculpting?

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting Creve Coeur | Eternity Med Spa in Creve Coeur MO

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new treatment that literally freezes away your stubborn fat without strenuous exercise or dieting. CoolSculpting was developed by scientists who realized that cold could target fat cells. This breakthrough led to using CoolSculpting to kill fat cells and shrink the waste lines.

The procedure works by freezing the unwanted fat cells. Eventually, this causes the fat cell to die. Your body processes the fat and deposes the dead cells. The treatment is safe because it does not harm any other tissue, such as skin or muscle, and is FDA-approved.

Are You a Candidate?

CoolSculpting Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, O'Fallon, MO | Eternity Med SpaYou are a good candidate for our Eternity Med Spa CoolSculpting if you have been unsuccessful in losing the last few pounds, you need to reach your target body shape or goal weight. However, it is not a perfect option for patients who want to lose a large amount of weight. It is best if the patient is within 30 pounds of your target weight but has fat deposits in the stomach area, love handles, thighs, or buttocks. While this is a long-term solution that eliminates fat, a suitable candidate is devoted to eating healthily and exercising or facing the risk of having the fat re-accumulate.

While CoolSculpting is an excellent way for individuals looking to drop those last few pounds, it is not the right option for everyone. CoolSculpting is a safe treatment, but doctors may not want to perform the procedure if you are pregnant or suffer from an auto-immune disorder.

Why Have a CoolSculpting Procedure?

You exercise, and you’re on a balanced diet, but it sometimes is not enough. Because of your genetics or age, you may have stubborn areas that won’t shrink as much as you want. These stubborn areas are common in the stomach, thighs, and buttock. In the past, medical professionals used invasive surgery to remove stubborn fat. Now, you can choose a safe, non-invasive way to kill those annoying fat cells resistant to exercise and diet. Because the procedure destroys the fat cells, they don’t just shrink. Instead, they are gone for good.

There are many benefits to Eternity Med Spa CoolSculpting in Creve Coeur. CoolSculpting is a treatment that leaves no scars, requires no anesthesia, and is usually nearly or completely painless. In addition, it destroys the fat cells, so they are gone for good, making it a long-term solution. Many treatments promise to shrink your waistline and only provide short-term results.

CoolSculpting Procedure

The Eternity Med Spa CoolSculpting procedure typically begins with “before” photos. These photos are so you and our CoolSculpting clinician can get a better picture of your beautiful results. Once the procedure begins, the clinician may mark the treatment areas. Next, a gel patch is placed over the skin to protect it during the treatment. Our Eternity Med Spa team will place the appropriate applicator on the site. The applicator secures your bulge like a vacuum to isolate it before freezing it.

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Read More about some common Coolsculpting FAQs from patients in the greater St. Louis area. If this is your first Coolsculpting appointment, read our blog to learn what to expect during your first CoolSculpting treatment prior to your appointment.

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