Venus Viva® Stretch Marks Treatment

Venus Viva® Stretch marks Treatment

Stretch marks can make it awkward to go to the beach or gym. If pregnancy or a successful weight loss plan has left you with stretch marks, Venus Viva treatments can quickly and safely remove those unsightly stretch marks. Venus Viva treatment resurfaces and restores your skin, eliminating aging signs and scars. Contact Eternity Med Spa in Creve Coeur today at 314-464-2868 to schedule a stretch marks treatment with our advanced trained nurses and team.

What Is Venus Viva?

Venus Viva is a skin resurfacing treatment from Venus Treatments designed to rejuvenate the skin in quick and painless treatment sessions. The skin treatment is non-invasive and involves no surgery, using microneedles and pulses of Nano Fractional radiofrequency or RF energy to boost your skin’s collagen production. Collagen is the substance that rebuilds the skin when it is damaged and increases its elasticity. Venus Viva treatment in Creve Coeur leaves your skin renewed and youthful after treatment. In addition, our medical professionals at Eternity Med Spa in Creve Coeur can use the therapy to address various skin conditions and damage to the skin caused by aging and your everyday lifestyle.

Stretch Marks Treatment with Venus Viva

Stretch marks are visible scars that form when the skin is stretched due to weight gain, hormones, and pregnancy. They may be pale or dark and look like cracks or tears in the skin. Venus Viva can be an excellent choice for treating stretch marks. The Nano Fractional RF energy creates collagen that rejuvenates the scarred skin, reducing the appearance and eliminating stretch marks. Venus Viva treatment heats the skin to stimulate collagen production using Nano Fractional RF energy. The collagen restructures and rebuilds the skin where scars and blemishes have formed. The treatment is more effective than laser therapy and chemical peels. Wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, dark spots, and enlarged pores are other skin conditions that our professionals can treat with Nano Fractional RF energy. After the treatment, you will have smooth, tight skin with more notable texture and tone.

Most Effective Areas for Venus Viva Treatment

At our med spa in Creve Coeur, we commonly treat patients using Venus Viva in the face area. However, the neck and chest skin areas are also treatable, along with many other regions. We can refresh the skin on your face, giving you a youthful and healthy look. For example, the Venus Viva treatment can eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and acne scars from your complexion. We can also reduce skin laxity and blemishes on your neckline and chest, giving you a more youthful overall appearance.

The most common areas for stretch mark reduction are the abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs, and upper arms. Our medical professional can treat these areas with Nano Fractional RF energy. In addition, Venus Viva treatment can treat almost every body part to reduce scars and skin laxity.

Benefits Of Venus Viva Treatment

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Remove scars and stretch marks
  • Reduce the look of large pores
  • Even out your skin tone
  • Correct hyperpigmentation
  • Increase collagen and elastin
  • 15-30 minutes of treatment, depending on the area.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Long-lasting results.

Candidate for Venus Viva Stretch Mark Treatment

This treatment is safe for all skin tones and can treat you regardless of age and gender. During your consultation, we can give you an idea of how many sessions you will need and what results you can expect from the treatments. In addition, we will ask you questions about your health and medical history during your initial consultation to determine the treatment’s safety and effectiveness.

Schedule A Stretch Marks Treatment Today!

Call (314) 464-2868 to schedule a complimentary consultation for Venus Viva® stretch marks reduction treatments at Eternity Med Spa in Creve Coeur, MO. Patients come to Eternity Med Spa to reduce the appearance of stretch marks from Chesterfield, Manchester, O’Fallon, MO, and throughout South County and the greater metropolitan St. Louis area.

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