Avoiding Black Market Botox


Avoiding Black Market Botox

Do you suffer from fine lines or wrinkles between your eyebrows or on your forehead? If so, you could be an ideal candidate for Botox. While many cosmetic injectables act as dermal fillers, Botox actually relaxes the muscles that contribute to lines and wrinkles. However, before getting Botox in St. Louis, it is important to select a reputable med spa, as some practices might provide black market Botox. Continue reading to find out more about this potential danger.

Cost of BOTOX

Botox is a very affordable cosmetic treatment option. Keep in mind that price should not be your sole consideration. If you seek out only the cheapest Botox provider, you may be putting both your appearance and health at risk. Significant discounts on Botox may indicate that the product is of substandard quality. To get the safe and effective results you deserve, carefully weigh your price considerations against other factors, such as safety and provider proficiency.

BOTOX Safety

Cosmetic injectables that are significantly discounted may be nearing expiration. The potency and safety of Botox injections last for only a limited time, so when considering your options, thoroughly research the safety records of all of the med spas you are considering for Botox treatment. If you come across any provider with a less than stellar record, move on to the next facility.


Word of mouth may also alert you to black market Botox providers. Botox can significantly change your facial appearance, so only those with both a sound clinical background and proficient cosmetic skills should provide it. Ill placement of a Botox injection or too much of it could lead to noticeably uneven or unsightly results.

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